Vendimia Gay: Celebrating diversity

The Vendimia para todos or Vendimia gay is an event that has been running every year since 1995. The celebration is inspired in the traditional harvest festival that commemorates the efforts and joys of those men and women whose lives are devoted to the production of the wine. Every year, the Vendimia para todos (Gay Harvest Festival) takes place the next weekend after Fiesta Nacional de la Vendimia (The Traditional Harvest Festival).

More than half a century ago, the vine workers spontaneously decided to chose among the most attractive girls that collected the bunches of grapes, and crown her queen of the harvest, (reina de la Vendimia). As the years went on that popular celebration institutionalized and now every first weekend for march a huge celebration takes place in the Frank Romero Day Greek Theatre. Today, each one of the 17departments of Mendoza, present a candidate previously elected in the departamental celebration. Those girls, will compete for the queen´s crown, and that means that the winner will be the ambassador of Mendoza for the rest of the year, till the next harvest.

The Vendimia Gay tries to imitate that cheerful celebration (maybe it is even more animated) and includes three moments: a theatrical representation that tells a story, different every year, the election of the gay king and queen of the harvest, and an amazing dancing party which will last till sunrise.

We invite you to celebrate diversity in this unforgettable party which is becoming more and more interesting every year.   This amazing show combines theatre, music, dancing, light and video effects and also a carefully planed choreography prepared by expert artists. A nationally acclaimed DJ is in charge of the music, creating a memorable night that you cannot miss!

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