Wine Tour in Maipú: Tradition & Modernity

Maipú is a fertile oasis to the east of Mendoza City. More and more a flourishing region, Mendocineans are moving to this beautiful place to enjoy the freshness during the hot summer and escape from the daily routine of the city. 

It is very nice to go across Maipú and discover the old vineyards and the olive and fruit trees scattered among the rows of vines. You will find a very picturesque landscape which changes dramatically every season. 

In our private tours, we visit and taste in three wineries. We end this journey with a gourmet or traditional lunch, where you can enjoy great gastronomy especially paired with our best wines.  

We will personalize your wine tour so you can choose the wineries that you want to visit. Anyway, if it is your first time in the region, let us suggest some sample itineraries.

Maipú: Tradition & Innovation - Domaine St-Diego / Trapiche / Zuccardi

This tour will let you have a global view on the different ways in which wine can be produced. The main focus on this tour is the diversity and the contrasts. We will visit a small and familiar winery, then a big and traditional one, while the third place is big and modern.

This private tour to Maipú starts in your hotel. We pick you up after your breakfast and drive to Domaine St-Diego. The visits here are always very personalized since a member of the winemaker family will explain you about the process. The visit finishes with a tasting of their boutique production of three wines and olive oils. Nuts from their garden and raisins complement the tasting. 

Our journey continues in Trapiche. The imposing old building is surrounded by part of their vineyards and a garden with olive trees, where two young lamas pacefully graze. They have preserved the concrete tanks, as well as old machines. One of the main focus of Trapiche is the diverse option of different tasting. Their premium wines are really worth a try. 

A ride to the east will drive us to Zuccardi. Their acclaimed restaurant Casa del Visitante will delight you with an amazing Asado, a traditional Argentinean barbeque. Following our country tradition, the asado features not only the best ribs and beef, but also chicken and pork, as long as salads and grilled vegetables. The visit to the winery will explain you the differences among the two main lines that they produce: Santa Julia (their young wines) and Zuccardi: their more complex and subtle gems, which are able to be kept for many years.



One of the most traditional wineries in the Region, Trapiche was founded in 1883 and still preserves the original building from 1912, which has been carefully renovated. Many different lines of wine are produced here, and you have a wide range of tasting possibilities including sparkling, malbecs, varietals, and blends. 


Domaine Saint Diego

Run by Angel Mendoza and his family, this small winery is a great option if you want to focus on the vineyard work. Laura, the owner’s daughter will personally explain the different ways of growing the vine and working with olive trees. The visit ends with a tasting of their olive oil and the three wines they produce: Rosa Elea (pink sparkling), Paradigma & Pura Sangre.


One of the most renowned modern wineries of Argentina, Zuccardi excels in the quality of their wines and have reached every corner of the country with their line Santa Julia. Zuccardi has developed a great range of wines, from fresh and fruity to oaked and complex. Their Malamado, a fortified wine is now very famours.  





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