Discover the Andes and Aconcagua

This tour is definitely the moment to connect with nature. A trip to the Mountain is much more that visiting the Aconcagua or Puente del Inca. It is the occasion to discover vegetation that had to adapted itself to overcome a difficult environment. It is the possibility of enjoying the thouzand different colours and shapes of our geology.

The Potrerillos damn is a visible proof of the effort that we have done in order to make a better use of the limited amount of water that comes from the Mountain. It is also a place for practising sports in a respect of nature. No fuel motor boats are allowed here.

This trip is a very educative way of understanding geology, since the aridity of our regions shows the naked mountain, where you can appreciate the geological processes that shaped our mountains.

From a historical point of view, this journey can be really interesting because it helps to understand the difficulties of our independence process. This lands had a very importante role in helping Argentina become a country and you can follow the traces of the Army and follow their road to Chile.

The walk at Aconcagua National Park is a unique moment to really get into the heart of the Mountain, enjoy the thousand different variations of brown, violet and blue, and the amazing solitude of being at more than 3000 metres above sea level.

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